SandingZone is counted among the leading Wood Floor Restorations service providers in the London as well as northern London. Old and damaged floor does not look good moreover it also not hygienic if you are living with kids.

Wood floor restoration is certainly a good idea for such damaged floors. In order to restore your old floor with a new one, professionals of SandingZone are happy to help you.


You can acquire all kind of information on flooring, sanding and more with our experts. These highly experienced professionals examine the wooden flooring closely and then assist the client with the best possible advice as what needs to be done in order to improve it. The Wood Floor Restorations work is carried out by using the latest technology machinery and in the supervision of professionals bona sanders .

The floor restoration company process is carried out in multiple simple steps and the client is explained in advance so that the he knows what is happening. The team leader explains the entire process from restoration to sanding and sealing to the client prior starting its job. This gives a brief idea to the client about the estimated time of Wood flooring Restoration.