Floor buffing is also known as screening. It’s a similar process to sanding or refining but differing in complexity. One thing is to be noted is that if you are opting for buffing it will not remove the stain or colour from your hardwood floor but it will simply removes the top layers of protective coating.

Experts at SandingZone suggest the customer to opt for its Wood Floor Buffing service as it helpful in rejuvenating your hardwood floor. The experts remove the old finish of the floor with light sanding which is followed by application of new layer.

Wood Floor Buffing (3)

If your floors begin to show wear and tear over refinishing it means that it buffing needs to be done. The experts team analysis the floor deeply and then suggest the client for the service that is best suited for their hard wood floor. Moreover the experts also explain the customers the entire process step by step so that they are also aware about the procedure and duration of time that will go into it. Our experts are well equipped with the machinery that will be needed in the buffing process of your floor.