School Floor Sanding

The wooden floor in school experience bashing from the over enthusiastic feet of the young ones therefore it need to be maintain more carefully than your usual home hardwood floor. The assembly hall and gymnasium are the prime sufferers thus their extra care and maintenance need to be done.

SandingZone offers School Floor Sanding service to save your school floors. We can provide you a cost effective solution to the problem of worn out floors of any type with our School Floor Sanding service.

School Floor Sanding (2)

The experts of SandingZone analysis the floor first, calculate the amount of damage that is done and depending on that analysis come up with the best suited solution. The client is given understanding of our procedure so that they know what our experts are up to. Moreover our technicians work out an estimate time period as to how long the installation process will take, and what all is needed from the client end to complete the installation. We use the latest technology and modern technique for all our procedure on hardwood floor. Feel Free to contact us for any kind of assistance and help.