The daily wear and tear of the wooden floor damaged the top layer of the floor. In order to remove this damaged layer of wood sanding is done. The expert of SandingZone uses the latest machinery during the oak Floors Sanding Services. They use an abrasive material to do this process in all floor types. A variety of wooden floor can be sanded; some of them are timber floor, oak floor, cork floor, parquet floor, etc.

sanding oak floors

Floor Sanding Services

Moreover some floor are designed and laid for sanding as its gives a nice and glossy finish to it. The whole motto of sanding is to remove the old and worn out wood layer to uncover the new wood layer hidden beneath it. The experts from SandingZone are well known for their Floor Sanding Pine Services in London. The experts are equipped with the latest machinery and tools for sanding service.

A team of experts will visit your place before starting the process of sanding and will give information on how the sanding process will be executed by them. Thus involving the client in the project and strengthening the bond between SandingZone and client.